Lilliputian Latex & Wool Crib Mattress Sleep Set


A great way to begin providing the natural and healthy environment your baby needs is by purchasing an Lilliputian Latex & Wool Crib Mattress Sleep Set. Like all organic mattresses, an organic crib mattress is made with chemical-free, natural materials. So, when you lay your little one down to sleep, you’ll know he or she will be sleeping in an area as pure as they are.


Latex Mattress

Make your baby’s crib a safe, chemical-free haven with our 100% organic  Lilliputian Latex & Wool Crib Mattress Sleep Set, comprised of our crib mattres and wool mattress topper.  Each mattress is made by hand right here in our Seattle showroom.  Crafted from the finest materials, organic latex, organic Pacific North West Eco-Wool, and organic cotton, these mattresses will keep your baby as healthy as they are comfortable.

All of Soaring Heart’s crib mattresses are made of extra firm ORGANIC latex that safely supports your baby and contain absolutely no chemical fire retardants. Our crib mattresses are designed for a slatted crib. Our mattresses have passed all flame retardants laws using a proprietary needle punched wool.

Wool Topper

When you bring your newborn into the world, every decision counts. From diapers to bedding, you will want products that are healthy for them to be in and around. Your new born baby will spend up to 15 hours sleeping each day. Having a health bed, like our Organic Wool Crib Topper to sleep on is important for there development and growth. This Organic Wool Crib Topper is recommended for children over 3 months in age. Our organic wool crib mattress topper creates a plush, breathable, healthy sleeping environment for your baby. This Crib Topper makes the perfect addition to an organic crib mattress or a great start to an organic crib set up. The topper measures approximately 1″ thick. Fits all standard crib mattresses (28″ x 52″)

Crib mattresses are 28 5/8″ x 52 3/8″ and fit all standard cribs.


Latex crib mattress

Wool crib topper

Mattress protector


Soaring Heart Natural Beds

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Crib 28 5/8" x 52 3/8"

Care Instructions

Washing & Care Instructions

100% Organic Materials

Organic Latex wrapped in wool and covered in Organic Cotton case.

100% GOTS & GOLS Certified

Our latex is made from pure rubber tree sap and we use organic wool as our fire barrier is selected from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand.

All Soaring Heart Products are 100% GOTS & GOLS certified and we are very proud that our latex mattresses are made with Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified latex.

Non-Chemical Fire Protection

All of our organic mattresses, futons, toppers, pillows and shikibutons fully meet federal flame retardant guidelines (1632 and 1633) and pass all tests without the use of any synthetic or chemical fire retardants whatsoever. No PBDE’s (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers), no boric acid powder, no nothing; just organic cotton, latex and wool. There are no prescriptions needed or hoops to jump through, just peace of mind that you are on the safest, healthiest, and most comfortable mattress you can buy.

More info on our 100% Organic Materials


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