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We’re proud to provide an array of Latex/cotton mattresses, cotton and wool bedding, and fleeces specially made for your precious little ones in all stages of life. Our Organic Kids | Babies | Pregnancy section has everything you need for your children bed. Children are especially sensitive to chemicals. Give them a strong start with a healthy sleeping environment right from the get go.

A great way to begin providing the natural and healthy environment for your babies needs is by purchasing Organic products. Wether your buying for your new baby or have started on your journey to healthy living while your children are in their teens. Like all organic products are made with chemical-free, natural materials. So, when you lay your little one down to sleep, you’ll know he or she will be sleeping in an area as pure as they are.

Antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, and hypo-allergenic, our soft wool, is as pure and healthy as they are cozy and comforting.

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