Organic Comforters and Blankets

Wrap yourself up in a cloud of pure comfort each and every night with our organic comforters and blankets and comforters. We source only the best quality comforters and blankets to ensure you stay cozy and chemical free.

We carry an assortment of different comforters and blanket for you needs, Holy Lamb wool comforters, Soaring Heart cotton comforters and a variety of Coyuchi blankets and quilts. Each have their own benefit and style, allowing you to pick what works best for your family and home.

All of the companies we purchase from have long standing relationships with their suppliers of all the components of their products. May it be organic cotton, wool, or latex each of the components is verified organic. Each of our product suppliers have several organic certifications for their factories or manufacturing facilities. Check out our suppliers list to see each of their certifications, and information about each company.

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