I’d like to talk about the mattresses we carry here at Dream Tree Organic Beds and Sleep solutions. We carry Soaring Heart Natural Bed Companies mattresses  which include Shikibuttons, futons, and latex mattress sets. I get a great deal of questions about our Soaring Heart Mattresses. One of the most predominant questions is: “I like that its Organic but are they comfortable?” Soaring Heart Natural bed company has been in business for over 30 years. I sleep on one myself, So can tell you with absolute confidence that, “Yes They Are!”
When someone comes in to our store one of the things I ask them is what do you consider comfortable? Do you like a firm mattress? Medium? Or plush and soft? You see everyone has a different idea of what they believe is comfortable. We have enough mattress options in our store to assure that you are comfortable when you climb into your bed.
Now there are some other things I talk about when a customer is looking at our mattresses. One is do they wake up in any pain in the morning with their current mattress. Not everyone knows this, but a soft mattress is often not the answer if you are going to bed feeling good and waking up in pain. In fact most of us instinctively lay on the floor. You see our body is made for laying on the ground. That‘s how we’re built, our species didn’t come into being with mattresses in hand. We as a species slept on the ground for thousands of years. We then started using our crafty knowledge to make straw mats and the like. It was only in the last 200 years that mattresses came in to being and into wide spread use.
What does that mean? Well it means that when we lay down on a hard surface our muscles and soft tissue relaxes and our skeletal system takes over. The skeletal system becomes our support system for our body. This allows your muscles to rest and recuperate through out the night, and our lymphatic system to do its job. However if you lay on a soft surface, your soft tissue has to keep on working. Your muscles work hard all night and as a result your body hurts
when you wake up. “Ow, my aching back.” 😢
So how do we solve this problem? With a firm mattress. Now I realize that not everyone can go with a supper firm mattress. So we have different mattresses here at Dream Tree Organic Beds to help with that. Between our 4 inch cotton core (shikibuton), 8 inch Cotten core (futon), and our latex mattress sets, we have you covered. From very firm to firm with a nice cuss to it. Our cushy mattresses help those nasty pressure points but are still firm enough to allow those muscles to relax all night long.
That’s it for this segment, look for more helpful tips to come. Thanks and rest well.

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