Washing & Care Instructions

I ❤️ my buckwheat pillow!

Organic Buckwheat pillows can last 10 years or longer with proper care. The first and most important thing you can do to keep your buckwheat pillow clean is keep it covered with a standard pillowcase just like any other type of pillow. This will allow you to wash just the pillowcase intermittently, so that the pillow’s shell (containing the buckwheat hull fill) doesn’t need cleaning so frequently.  Prevention is a good first step, but there may come a time when your pillow needs to be cleaned.  Accidents, illnesses and general wear happen.


Eventually everything needs a wash, including your pillow’s shell!

When it does, remove the buckwheat hulls by pouring them into a larger container (a paper trash bag works well). Turn the shell inside-out and make sure to get all of the buckwheat hulls out of the nooks and crannies so that they don’t get into your washing machine. Careful not to spill!

Don’t forget, cotton will shrink.

Most buckwheat pillows’ shells are constructed from cotton (Ours is Organic Cotton)  and can shrink in size up to a couple inches in each dimension.

The simplest way to avoid shrinkage is to wash cotton products in cold water (75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and hang-dry them. Hang-drying cotton products will allow them to avoid the high temperatures of a conventional dryer, which can also cause shrinkage.

What about cleaning the buckwheat hulls inside your pillow?

If the buckwheat hulls are completely soaked – say, for example, you spilled your morning coffee all over your pillow – it should be replaced. Saturating the hulls with any kind of liquid may cause them to loose their supportive, three-dimensional shape. Furthermore, cleaning coffee, or any other liquid from them is impossible and may lead to mold growth.

However, if the buckwheat hulls in your pillow are just damp, due to a spot of spilt water or a humid environment, they can be thoroughly dried out and rejuvenated in the sun.

  1. Find a clean container. If you are rejuvenating all the buckwheat hulls from your pillow make sure all of the hulls will fit in the container before dumping them out.
  2. Carefully pour buckwheat hulls into container.
  3. Place in bright, sunny window for a few hours and ‘fluff’ periodically. If you have pets or children, make sure to choose a safe place where your buckwheat hulls won’t be knocked over or played with.

It’s a good idea for all buckwheat pillow users to place their pillow in the sun for a few hours once or twice a year – either in a warm window or outside in a safe place. The warmth of the sun will leave your pillow fresh for a good nights sleep


PS.  I LOVE MY BUCKWHEAT PILLOW!  So easy to care for, and lasts ages.  Plus, I don’t over heat, and my neck issues have been resolved.  I highly recommend them.


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