How To Select your Prefect Mattress

This Unicorn of a mattress will make all your dreams come true.


Our five-zoned organic latex mattresses are the ultimate in comfort and support. The culmination of our decades-long experience in the industry, they are specially designed to provide you with unmatched comfort by giving different areas of the body the unique firmness or softness they require.

Your hips— the heaviest part of the body— need dense, firm latex to keep them from dropping too far into the mattress, making your spine sag, putting strain on the spine, and causing back pain.

Soft latex, meanwhile, contours to your shoulders—the widest part of the body—allowing them to sink deep into the mattress and remain in the “Open” position, reducing morning aches and strain.

With a single-firmness mattress, a compromise between what the hips require and what the shoulders require must be made, but an organic zoned latex mattress, gives each area of the body the level of support needed to provide you optimum comfort for a healthy, restorative night’s sleep.

 Madrona Organic Latex & Wool Mattress Set

With our signature organic zoned latex mattresses, there are no compromises.

Madrona (Zoned topped with our four-inch-thick Deluxe Organic Wool Topper) The Madrona organic latex mattress is the ultimate in luxury. Soft as a cloud but with unmatched support, the Madrona mattress is perfect for people who love a truly plush night’s sleep and demand only the best.

Sitka Two layers of our organic Dunlop latex—(Zoned latex support topped with two inches of soft wool-wrapped organic latex topper) allows the Sitka organic latex mattress to hug the body, forming to the unique curvature of each sleeper. Firmer overall than the Madrona, with a tauter feel, the Sitka is great if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort without the fluff.

Laurel The Laurel is perfect for customers who want the unrivaled spine support of the zoned latex core, but prefer a firmer sleeping surface. Two inches of our premium organic wool rest on our Organic Zoned Latex Support, giving the mattress just enough soft.

Our organic latex mattresses contour to the curves of the body while luxuriant wool and latex layers provide soft support, letting you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, free of aches and pains.


Handcrafted to insure exquisite craftsmanship and longevity, our mattresses are warranted for 20 years and come with a 30-day Comfort Guarantee.


We use only the highest-quality organic materials; cloud-like organic wool, supple GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified latex, and USDA-certified organic cotton.



Linden Arguably our softest mattress, the Linden organic latex mattress matches (organic Dunlop latex with four inches of fluffy organic wool) for a truly sumptuous night’s sleep. Sink deep into the cozy wool and feel the supportive latex form to the curves of your body— you’ll think you fell asleep in a cloud. The Linden is preferred by many side sleepers.


Rowan With two layers of latex—the thick Organic Latex Mattress and softer Organic Latex Mattress Topper—and only a thin layer of wool, the Rowan organic latex mattress has less of a cushy feel than our mattresses that feature more wool, but is still soft and luxurious.


Tamarack On the firmer side of soft, the Tamarack organic latex mattress is perfect for someone who likes a firm mattress, but doesn’t enjoy the feel of a futon or need the density of extra firm latex. The Tamarack is comfortable, supportive, and just soft enough.

For many people a firm supportive mattress is key.

Whether it’s because of back problems, it’s what you grew up with, or you just like the feel of a solid bed, firm mattresses can be truly wonderful and restorative. We have a variety of options for firm mattresses from organic futons and shikibutons, which are by their nature firm, to the extra-firm versions of our signature organic latex mattresses.

They are all firm, but their feel can be quite different. Organic Futons When people think of a firm mattress, many picture a futon. Our futons are handcrafted from the finest locally-sourced organic materials and are hand-tufted to insure long lasting comfort. We use quality ingredients such as American-grown long-fiber cotton, Pacific Northwest organic wool, and organic-certified latex. These are not your parents’ futons.

While they are all on the firm scale, there is a range: Organic Cotton & Wool Futon  The  reason we add the wool is to benefit from all the great attributes of wool such as thermal regulation, moisture resistance (this will make your futon last longer), and the fact that it is hypoallergenic.

Organic Cotton, Latex & Wool Futon Our softest futon, its organic latex core provides a springiness not generally found in futons. It also adds a lot of compaction resistance, making it particularly long-lasting and great for use as a couch.

Organic Shikibutons.   Shikibutons are the traditional Japanese mattress and what the American futon evolved from. They are simple, elegant, and firm.

The Organic Cotton & Wool Shikibuton will be the firmest, followed by the Organic Latex Shikibuton. To customize your bed set-up, try layering multiple shikibutons. Two popular set ups: • Organic Cotton & Wool Shikibuton on top of an Organic Latex Shikibuton.

Organic Latex Shikibuton with a Deluxe Organic Wool Topper.

Extra Firm Latex These extra firm versions of our Organic Latex Mattresses are exactly what the doctor ordered for customers looking for a non-futon style mattress that is still very firm and supportive. Great for back sleepers and people suffering certain back issues (consult with your physician). 

Other Considerations

Assess Your Comfort needs – Body Shape, Size, and sleeping Position.  Knowing the position you most prefer to sleep in is your best tool for finding the perfect mattress. Different positions require different responses from your mattress in order to make you comfortable. If you don’t know what position you like to sleep in most, try paying extra attention tonight as you go to sleep. Where’s your “go to” pose?

 Let us Help YOU!  We will match you up with your sleep soul mate!  This Unicorn of a mattress will make all your dreams come true.  We’ll assess your comfort needs based on your body,  your health and your sleep position.



Other Considerations – Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities & Health Issues A good, pure, healthy mattress can make ailments such as back pain, arthritis, and various chemical sensitivities easier to deal with and allow for a good night’s rest. There are some chronic issues, such as injury-related pain that cannot be cured by a new mattress, but they can be eased.Speak to your physician about possible medical considerations when choosing a mattress. 

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