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All Dream Tree Products are made by our artisan mattress artists in our Seattle Shop.

100% Organic

All are organic materials are certified and chemical free and come from the best organic suppliers in the world

Superior Comfort

We guarantee that you will love our products and find your perfect sleep experience in our pre-made bedding collections


While conventional beds only last 5-7 years, ours are made to last two to three times as long! (With the proper care, maybe even longer!)

What Makes Dream Tree Organic Beds Unique?

All products are organic, handmade with top quality and comfort.  Curated collection of Organic Sleep Solutions and Organic Lifestyles.  We are about as cruncy as you get!


Our mattresses are made in layers for 3 super important reasons.  1. You can customize your comfort level. 3. It is easier to sun them 4. You can flip them.  Which is why our mattresses last for SO long!

Comfort Consulations

Let us Help YOU!  We will match you up with your sleep soul mate!  This Unicorn of a mattress will make all your dreams come true.  We’ll assess your comfort needs based on your body,  your health and your sleep position.


So many “Natural” mattresses are misleading and are filled with not so natural materials.  We are 100% Organic & Sustainable.  With third party certifications to back it up!

Mattress Collections

To simplify your shopping experience, we’ve assembled our most popular combinations of support, comfort and protection bedding layers into collections. Each collection has been designed and customer tested for both maximum value and ultimate comfort.

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

We know you are going to love our beds!  We guarantee it!

Woo hoo!  If you don’t love what you picked, you can exchange it for something more suitable.  (But I have to say, it rarely happens 😉 Especially if you had a comfort consultaion!)


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