Pillow Type Back Sleeper Stomach Sleeper Side Sleeper Washable * Customizable *
Cotton and Kapok    
Kapok Pillow      
Molded Organic Latex    
Shredded Latex Pillow          
Ergonomic Organic Latex  
Millet & Wool    
Shredded Latex and Wool    
Wasable Wool        
Firm Organic Wool    
Soft Organic Wool  
Side Dreamer Pillow Kapok  
Side Dreamer Pillow Bolus    
Side Dreamer Pillow Shredded Latex      

*Wash on cold gentle cycle. Make sure to safety pin the zipper shut to avoid a mess, and tumble dry on low or allow to air dry.

*Customizable refers to the ability to add or remove pillow fill easily to create a custom pillow loft for any customer.

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