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Create Your Perfect Organic Bed

Mix and Match our layer options to suit your needs!

Step 1. Choose a Support Mattress

The support layer does the heavy lifting, cradling your body so that your neck, spine, and hips are held in proper alignment. We have a variety of supports: supple organic latex, or our handcrafted Organic Futons. Each support is made with impeccable craftsmanship to insure you a supportive, comfortable night’s rest for years to come.


2. Choose Your Comfort Layer

The comfort layer envelops you in a cloud of softness. The mattress topper lifts and surrounds your body, forming to all your curves , and easing joint pain, releasing muscle strain and tension, and taking stress off of pressure points. Comfort is different for different people and we have a mattress topper for everyone. From supple yet firm latex to luxuriously thick organic wool.


3. Choose your Protection Layer

This layer protects the mattress from you! The average person loses around a pint of moisture every night. Some of that moisture goes into the air through our breath, but the rest goes out through our skin—and into whatever we happen to be lying on. A natural or organic mattress pad absorbs and wicks away moisture, protecting your mattress.


Our #1’s

Too many options?  Start here, these are our most popular.

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

We offer a 30 day comfort guarantee on all our mattresses!




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